Research Enquiry Form

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Volunteers of the Archives Section of the Yass & District Historical Society Inc answer enquiries in the order they are received. If your enquiry relates to family history, it will be helpful if you complete (or as much as you are able) the reverse of this form. Please note 

  • There is a minimum search fee of $30.00 for all enquiries covering one hour’s research with an additional fee of $10.00 per hour for each additional hour involved in lengthy research. We ask that the minimum fee be included with this form or paid direct to our account Yass & District Historical Society, Westpac, Yass BSB 032 771 Account No 12 0621 ensuring you name is noted on the deposit. Email enquiries to
  • Copies of photographs and photocopies can be provided at a cost determined by the Society. Receipts will be issued for any monies received;
  • Every effort will be made to answer your enquiry, but the Society cannot undertake to provide information not held by the Society Archives;
  • Photographic and other material provided by the Society cannot be reproduced in any format by the researcher without the express permission of the Society; and
  • All information given will be treated as confidential unless you wish your contact details and research to be made available
    (at the Society’s discretion) to other researchers.
  • Please ensure that you sign the relevant authorisation regarding public access.
Details of family, property held, profession or trade etc

Genealogical Information
Below details are associated to the Husband
Genealogical Information
Below details are associated to the Husband
Complete as much detail as possible:
Birth date, birthplace, spouse, marriage date, marriage place, death date, death place, burial place