Whole Histories: keeping the stories alive


Yass & District Historical Society Inc, Yass, 2017.

These sixteen papers and four additional forum texts were given at the Yass & District Historical Society’s conference¬†Whole Histories: keeping the stories alive in April 2017. The speakers included heads of national institutions and organizations, well-known historians, authors, archivists, and professionals working in various aspects of Australian heritage. At a time when some historical and family history groups are struggling to see the path ahead due to aging memberships, rapidly changing technology, limited funding, and a host of other challenges, the papers examined ways to use local collections, make organizations relevant to their community and plan for the future. A valuable handbook for heritage-related groups as well as the history buff.

Softcover, 203 pages, 30 X 21cm, lavishly illustrated in full color, graphs, diagrams, bibliography, glossary, author’s biographies, index.

$25.00 plus $14.00 postage.