Only Behind a Cloud: The History of old Linton


Stephe Jitts, self-published, Yass, 2012.

‘Old Linton’ began life as ‘Alfriston Cottage’, a generously proportioned cottage of simple design erected by Jewish emancipist Moses Moses. Its second owner storekeeper J P Ritchie renamed it ‘Linton’ for his Scottish birthplace but it was under the ownership of Ritchie’s son-in-law A B Triggs, the renowned pastoralist, that the building was substantially enlarged and improved to house a burgeoning collection of artwork. In 1945 after the death of Trigg’s second wife, the house was gifted to the Returned Services League as a home for returning war veterans. With the completion of a new residential facility in 1990 the home was sold into private hands and became known as ‘Old Linton’. Over the years ‘Old Linton’ bore witness to the mixed fortunes of its various owners but perhaps the words of A B Triggs sums up the resilient spirit of its various occupants – ‘The sun has not gone out business, only behind a cloud’.

Softcover, 130 pages, 21 X 14.5 cm, illustrated, references.

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