A New Melba


Jeff Brownrigg, Crossing Press, Darlinghurst, 2006.

When Melba was at the zenith of her career and traveling internationally, Amy Castles a simple girl with a rich powerful voice was vigorously promoted as the person most likely to succeed in the diva. Touted as ‘the New Melba’ she was promoted by the Catholic Church and the Catholic Press built for her an image of the virginal convent girl in vivid contrast to the worldly scarlet they attributed to Melba. Non-Catholic papers doubted their boasts turning an artistic question into a sectarian free-for-all as it exposed Australia’s cultural insecurities and condemned Amy to a life of tragically futile efforts to displace Melba.

Softcover, 281 pages, 27.5 X 21.5 cm, liberally Illustrated, black and white and color.

$20.00 plus $14.00 postage.

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