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Any historian worth their salt will tell you that the only way to get an understanding of history is on your feet, appropriately shod in a pair of strong walking boots.

The streets of Yass do not require heavy duty footwear but a walk around the central area of the town will give you an appreciation of the natural and built environment that has evolved since the town was settled in the late 1830s.

The built environment of Yass is one of its most attractive features. At first glance the most eye-catching of these are the grand bank buildings that were constructed in the boom days of the late nineteenth century. Their construction was an affirmation of the confidence in the economic growth of the district. The effect of the heavily ornate architectural details of pilasters, capitals, porticos and heavy window mouldings, is lightened by the liberal use cast iron lace.

The grandeur of these buildings is a sharp contrast to earlier simpler structures such as Cobblestone Cottage, built of local stone with little adornment.


The Yass Walk

The Society in co-operation with the Yass Valley Council have erected plaques on buildings of historical significance. These distinctive blue plaques give a brief history of the building or its predecessor.

If you would like to put on your walking shoes and take a 'real' walk around town you will be able to download a suggested itinerary (pdf file) with the various points of interest noted.

The walk can be comfortably achieved in two hours and do reward yourself with a coffee or cool drink at one of the cafes or pubs along the way.


On request volunteers of the Society will conduct group tours of Yass town.

Walking tours of Comur Street are ideally suited to groups of not more than 20 participants - allow one hour.

For groups visiting Yass by bus, a guide can join your group and provide an hour long commentary as the various historic points of interest are visited.

Pioneers down under is a guided tour of 1.5 hours duration to the Yass General Cemetery. It is a great way to learn the history of district and hear interesting anecdotes of those early pioneers 'down under'.

School visits to the museum can also be arranged.

Grand bank buildings, Comur Street.[YDHS Inc]

Yass Mechanic's Institute, 1869. [YDHS Inc]

St Augustine's Chapel, 1844 .[YDHS Inc]
Yass Post Office, 1884. [YDHS Inc]

Bust of A B 'Banjo' Paterson. [YDHS Inc]
Moses graves, Yass.[YDHS Inc]

All of the above group tours can be undertaken in conjunction with a visit to the Yass & District Museum where you will be treated to country hospitality with either a morning or afternoon tea. For further information, costings and to arrange tours please contact tours.


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