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Betty of Yass - 'Getting Around with Betty Howard since 1913'

Tony MacQuillan (edit), Privately published, 2006.

The life and times of Betty Howard, journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Women's Weekly and the Yass Tribune-Courier.

Soft cover, 93 pages, 30 X 21 cm, liberally Illustrated.

$15.00 plus $9.00 postage.


Binalong: Beyond the limits

Rev Brian Maher, self published, 2003.

For some years Binalong lay beyond 'the limits of location', the western boundary of County King. Squatters and others claimed the land and in time the village of Binalong became a reality as did smaller settlements such as Balgalal, Bendenine, Bogolong, Bookham and Galong. This publication gives an overview of land settlement, the civilising influences of the postal and telegraph services, coach lines, the railway, schools, churches and businesses. Information on pioneer families of the district is included.

Soft cover, 129 pages, 25 X 17.5 cm, Illustrated, maps, appendix, references, bibliography, index.

$30.00 plus $9.00 postage.


Boorowa: over 160 years of White Settlement

Helen V Lloyd, Toveloam Pty Ltd, Panania, 1990.

What began as research on the author's own family grew into a general history of the Boorowa district covering themes ranging from the Aboriginal occupation of the land and the early squatting period through the commercial and civil development of the town to its involvement in wars and the lighter side of small town life. It is a colourful history with more than a tinge of 'green', influenced by the influx of nineteenth century Irish immigrants who settled in the area.

Hard cover, 324 pages, 25 x 17.5 cm, illustrated, indexes, references, bibliography.

$35.00 plus $14.00 postage.



Early Days of Yass: Mary Yeo JP, Yass Historian

P R Bindon & A J MacQuillan (eds), Yass, 2017.

This publication features thirty-six weekly articles reproduced from the Yass EveningTribune in 1920 and 1921. Miss Yeo or 'Pol' Yeo as she was widely known was a Yass personality vigorously involved in a wide range of community activities. The reader first becomes acquainted with her in the book's introduction written by Diana MacQuillan. With an inquiring mind and a passion for history Mary Yeo touchs on many aspects of the district's early history. Written at a time when access to primary records would have been limited she has drawn together these sources with oral accounts to provide a window into the past. The editors' footnotes add to the text and in some cases correct factual information.

Soft cover, 186 pages, A4 format, b/w illustrations, footnotes and index.

$40.00 plus $14.00 postage.


Echoes of Irish Australia: Rebellion to Republic

Jeff Brownrigg, Cheryl Mongan & Richard Reid (eds), Galong, 2007.

The Irish have been at the centre of the Australian story since 1788. This collection of twenty-three essays illustrates the diversity and dynamism of the Irish contribution to Australia's national life from colonial beginnings to the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ireland and Australia in the mid-twentieth century. Subjects such as rebels, convicts, immigration, war, religion, politics, poetry, music, architecture and diplomatic relations are addressed by Irish and Australian historians. A must for readers seeking an understanding of the role the Irish played in the emerging Australian nation.

Soft cover, 270 pages, large format, 26 X 21cm, lavishly illustrated, extensive endnotes, bibliography, biographical details of authors, name and thematic indexes.

$39.95 plus $14.00 postage.



Far Away Days, a history of the Murrumbateman, Jeir and Nanima districts

Dorothy Mulholland, Murrumbateman Old School Grounds Committee, 1995.

Published in a time of rapid change within a small rural community this publication addresses current issues as well as providing an expansive window to the past and the families who pioneered the area. Eighteen chapters cover themes such as pastoral development, community themes such as education and religion and contemporary issues such as wine production, subdivision and water management. A valuable resource for those with an interest in the area.

Soft cover, 248 pages, 25 X 17.5 cm, illustrated, maps, appendices, bibliography.

$30.00 plus $14.00 postage


Foreign Lands: A History and Genealogy of the Merriman and Margules Families in Australia

Diana MacQuillan, Privately published, 1994.

A thoroughly researched family history by well known Yass genealogist Diana MacQuillan, nee Merriman.

Hard cover, 284 pages, B5 format (approx), 25 X 18.5cm, illustrated, family trees, references, index.

$25.00 plus $14.00 postage


Irish Gold: a tale of two pioneer families

Robert Lehane, Ginninderra Press, 2002.

An account of the lives of two Irish families, the Lehanes and Murphys, who settled in the Yass-Young area of New South Wales during the mid 1850's. Not just a family history but a generous slice of local history, drawn from the pages of the Yass Courier and brought vividly to life by descendant Robert Lehane.

Soft cover, 305 pages, 20.5 X 14.5 cm, illustrated, sources, index

$25.00 plus $9.00 postage.


Legging it through time: Anecdotes of my life

Terry Legge OAM, Lorraine Legge & Tony MacQuillan (eds), privately published, 2008.

The history of a senior NSW Electricity Commission executive who came to Yass in 1959 with colleagues and familes (400 people in all) and their influence on a small country town.

Soft cover, 98 pages, 30 X 21 cm, liberally Illustrated.

$20.00 plus $9.00 postage.


Life and times of A J Shearsby, Yass, 1872-1962.

P R Bindon & A J MacQuillan Privately published, 2017.

Alfred Shearsby was a polymath, a man of many interests and talents. Remembered in Yass as a professional photographer and well respected amateur geologist, he had many other skills that he willingly applied for the benefit of the wider community. This publication provides a window into the world of a man who without benefit of a tertiary education earned the respect of academia.

Soft cover, 214 pages, 30 X 21 cm, liberally Illustrated.

$35.00 plus $14.00 postage.


Looking Back: My Story

Eric Bernard Bell OAM, Tony MacQuillan (ed) privately published, 2011.

The life story of Ngunnawal elder and Yass community leader Eric Bell. Appendix by archeaologist Dr Peter Rimas Kabaila.

Soft cover, 116 pages, 30 X 21 cm, liberally Illustrated, maps, time lines.

$25.00 plus $9.00 postage.


My Dear Mother: a letter from a soldier after Gallipoli

Roy Denning, Yass & District Historical Society Inc, 1998.

Transcript of a letter from the society's archives, written from Pembroke Camp, Malta by Private Roy Denning of the 1st Field Company Engineers, who while recovering from wounds received at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915, when his unit landed as part of the Australian Imperial Force. One of the most eloquent and moving accounts that you will ever read of a most significant moment in Australian history. A brief biographical account of Private Denning is also included.

Soft Cover, 21 X 14.5 cm, 20 pages.

$5.00 plus $3.00 postage.


News and Gossip of Old Yass: complied and written by James Richard Mallyon

James Richard Mallyon, Robin Butt (ed) privately published, 2009

During the 1930s John Richard Mallyon wrote a series of articles on the early history of Yass for the Yass Tribune-Courier. This book is a transcription of the original hand written notes compiled by him for earlier newspapers and chronicles the growth of Yass and its vast district.

Soft cover, 347 pages, 30 X 21 cm, subject and people indexes.

Reduced to $35.00 plus $15.00 postage.


Only Behind a Cloud: The History of old Linton

Stephe Jitts, self published, Yass, 2012.

'Old Linton' began life as 'Alfristan Cottage', a generously proportioned cottage of simple design erected by Jewish emancipist Moses Moses. Its second owner storekeeper J P Ritchie renamed it 'Linton' for his Scottish birthplace but it was under the ownership of Ritchie's son-in-law A B Triggs, the renowned pastoralist, that the building was substantially enlarged and improved to house a burgeoning collection of artwork. In 1945 after the death of Trigg's second wife, the house was gifted to the Returned Services League as a home for returning war veterans. With the completion of a new residential facility in 1990 the home was sold into private hands and became known as 'Old Linton'. Over the years 'Old Linton' bore witness to the mixed fortunes of its various owners but perhaps the words of A B Triggs sums up the resilient spirit of its various occupants - 'The sun has not gone out business, only behind a cloud'.

Soft cover, 130 pages, 21 X 14.5 cm, illustrated, references.

$25.00 plus $9.00 postage.



Reids Flat: On the Banks of the Lachlan

Helen V Lloyd, John & David Lloyd, Panania, 1999.

The settlement of Reids Flat may be tiny but it comes with a large and exciting history.This thematic history covers all the usual topics of a good local history but what makes this publication of special interest is the biographical pen portraits of the inhabitants.The author Helen Lloyd has drawn on a wide variety of sources that will interest both family and local historians.

Soft cover, 220 pages, 25 X 17 cm, illustrated, references, index.

$25.00 plus $14.00 postage.


St Andrew's Church, Yass, Centenary 2006

Brian Carruthers, St Andrew's Uniting Church, 2006.

This publication was especially compiled for the centenary celebrations of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, which combined with the Methodist Church in 1972. Included in the overview of the Yass parish are details of the churches, the ministers, fundraising and social activities and the families who have been connected with the parish.

Soft cover, 72 pages, 30 X 21cm, large format, illustrated, bibliography.

$20.00 plus $9.00 postage.


Some Came Free

E G Hazell, illustrated by Bill Bresser, Canberra,2001.

This is the story of mid nineteenth century Australia told from the perspective of the early pioneers - the convicts and immigrants, and gives an account of the farming communities in the Goulburn, Gunning and Yass areas. 2nd edition.

Soft cover, 379 pages, 25 X 17.5 cms, illustrated, appendix, generalogy,bibliography, index.

$15.00 plus $14.00 postage.


The Duffs of Yass

Diana MacQuillan, privately published, 2003.

Researched and written by a Duff descendant by Yass genealogistDiana MacQuillan.

Soft cover, 270 pages, 26 X 17.5 cm, illustrated, appendix, maps, references, bibliography, index.

$35.00 plus $14.00 postage.


The Merryville Type: How excellence bred brilliance

David Moeller, Lexington Avenue Press, 2001.

The history of Merryville stud in the twentieth century is an account of Australia's most charismatic industry. The wool from Merryville was described in 1913 as 'perfect' and the challenge of how to improve upon perfection is the story of Merryville. Written to celebrate the centenanry of the Merryville type this publication gives an account of the Merriman family and the formation and growth of the one of Australia's most famous merino studs.

Hard cover (with dust jacket), 279 pages, 26 X 18 cm, Illustrated.

$25.00 plus $14.00 postage.


'The very dawn of settlement' surveyed from Galong Cemetery

Max Barrett, C SS R, self published, 2006.

This is a much enlarged edition of Fr Barrett's earlier publication detailing the burials and biographical informationof those whose mortal remains lie within the stone-walled Galong cemetery. Founded in the 1830s by Tipperary-born emancipist Edward Ryan, the cemetery became the final resting place of dozens of early pioneers and in particular those of Ryan's birthplace - Ireland. Information on burials at Mylora and other isolated burial sites in the district are also included.

Soft cover, 268 pages, 25 X 17.5 cm, colour and black and white illustrations, indexes, plans, appendices.

$35.00 plus $14.00 postage.



'We have not forgotten': Yass and district's war 1914-1918

Cheryl Mongan & Richard Reid, Milltown Research & Publications, 1998.

Written as a model for a study of an Australian community during the Great War, this publication gives a comprehensive account of the Yass district and its people, told through the sources found within the community as well as those held in national institutions. Based on the area covered by the readership of the local newspaper, it includes Boorowa and the various smaller villages from which the men and women of the 1st AIF were recruited. Honour rolls, the records of the Yass Boys' Comforts Fund, newspapers and local archival records are supplemented with official records. More than forty honour rolls in the district form the basis for the lists of over 1,500 men and women who enlisted as well as those for fell in the service of their country. With the 90th anniversary of the WWI Armistice in 2008 this book is especially relevant.

Soft cover, 343 pages, 21 X 15 cm, lavishly illustrated, indexes, maps, chronology, bibliography. Also available in hardcover $40.00 plus $10 postage.

$30.00 plus $9.00 postage.


Whole Histories: keeping the stories alive

Yass & District Historical Society Inc, Yass, 2017.

These sixteen papers and four additional forum texts were given at the Yass & District Historical Society's conference Whole Histories: keeping the stories alive in April 2017. The speakers included heads of national institutions and organisations, well-known historians, authors, archivists and professionals working in various aspects of Australian heritage. At a time when some historical and family history groups are struggling to see the path ahead due to aging memberships, rapidly changing technology, limited funding and a host of other challenges, the papers examined ways to use local collections, make organisations relevant to their community and plan for the future. A valuable handbook for heritage related groups as well as the history buff.

Soft cover, 203 pages, 30 X 21cm, lavishly illustrated in full colour, graphs, diagrams, bibliograhy, glossary, author's biographies, index.

$25.00 plus $14.00 postage.



Yass Lodge Concord No 27: 150 years 1860-2010

A J MacQuillan & VW Bro Peter Bindon DGIW, Yass Lodge Concord, 2010.

A history of the Freemasons in Yass celebrating their sesquicentenary in 2010.

Soft cover, 238 pages, 25 X 18 cm, liberally illustrated, appendices including full membership list.

$30.00 plus $14.00 postage.



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