Koertz wool press. [YDHS Inc]
Entrance to 'Parallels'. [YDHS Inc]

'Under the Sign' - the pubs of Yass. [YDHS Inc]

Hamilton Hume, the explorer. [YDHS Inc]
Medallion awarded by Yass P & H Assoc. [YDHS Inc]

The Woollenwealth Crown. [YDHS Inc]

From its formation in 1961 the Society have actively collecting objects of historical interest related to Yass and district. The museum was officially opened in its present location in December 1988 after extensive refurbishments were made to a former garage over a period of some five years.

The collection is varied to say the least - everything from a Koertz wool press to a tiny trouser button stamped 'Bracken', used by a local tailor, who personalised his garments with custom-made buttons. Wedding finery, local cordial bottles and exercise equipment contrast with a coin and badge collection, a collection of trophies for champion merino sheep and a minature farm. There is plenty to see!

The museum is conveniently located just two doors from the Yass Visitors' Centre and adjoining Coronation Park with its playground and toilet facilities.

Our museum currently features a number of displays - everything from pubs to churches!

Also available for viewing are a collection of digitised historic images and a small selection of electoral rolls etc.

Research and copies of archival material and images

Enquiries for local and family history information and copies of archival material or images should be directed to our Archive.


Threads from the Past

This new display opens to the public on Saturday 20 October and features a selection of children's clothing from 1820 through to 1960. The clothings gives a glimpse into the lives of children as seen through the clothing they wore 'for best' and for play. Everything from a rare American Regency baptismal gown to the short velveteen dresses of the 1960s.

A selection of toys from the past will surprise children of today.

Some of our other museum displays for your viewing pleasure:


Our popular model streetscape has been temporarily dismantled and will reappear in a new format in another area of the museum.

The models provide a snapshot of what Comur Street looked like in the 1890s - quite a contrast to twenty-first century Yass and well worth a visit..

Under the Sign - a pub crawl of the twenty-two known sites in Yass where the thirst of travellers and residents were quenched.

Barren Jack: the Lost City - a photographic look at the early construction phase of Burrinjuck Dam. A small township of temporary buildings and tents developed during that time but nearly all evidence of it disappeared under the the rising waters.

Hamilton Hume: The Explorer - the life and explorations of Hamilton Hume told through objects, images and documents.

Cornerstones of Faith - an overview of the development of the churches within the vast Yass parishes, harking back to the days after 'Sunday crossed the Razorback'.


Fifty Years, Fifty Treasures

To celebrate our Golden Jubilee we are featuring fifty of our most interesting objects and documents from our diverse collection.

Exciting objects and documents drawn from our collection illustrate the rich history of our local community. Objects range from the telescope used by Hamilton Hume during his explorations and a Peninsular War cavalry sword believed to have belonged to Captain Francis Allman to the photographs of early Yass photographer Alfred Shearsby and the trophies of Sir Walter Merriman and moving towards more modern times the Woollenweath Crown used to crown young local women who raised considerable funds for community projects and Yass' first nude calendar.

There is something for everyone in this temporary exhibition at our museum and we look forward to welcoming you to experience glipses of our past through this collection of 'treasures'


247A Comur Street
(two doors from the Yass Visitor's Centre)

Opening times

Weekends & public holidays
- 10am to 4pm


Groups and other times by arrangement - please contact Yass Visitor's Centre 02 6226 - 2557

Closed during winter - June long weekend till October long weekend.

Admission fees

Free admission but as a volunteer run museum we do greatly appreciate your donations.


Enquiries for school and group visits to the museum should be directed to tours.


Photography or videotaping are not permitted within the museum without prior permission.


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